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Migrating to ArchiCAD 17

Date: Monday, June 24, 2013

Today we start a new series, as the "new Features in ArchiCAD 17" series is now complete. As ArchiCAD 17, offers new, more sophisticated ways of modelling, users of older versions need to be aware of the correct migration procedures, to best utilise these new features. This series, will first explore the major differences and then the methods which need to be employed.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 9.36.59 AMEffects on Attributes and Junctions 

What’s Different and Why? Building Material: The New “Super-Attribute” in ArchiCAD 17 ArchiCAD 17 introduces a new concept for assigning attributes to elements. In ArchiCAD 16 and before, individual attributes were assigned to an element. In ArchiCAD 17, many of these attributes have been merged into a new “super attribute” called the Building Material. Starting with ArchiCAD 17, all model elements will use Building Materials instead of Cut Fills. Benefits of the Building Material Attribute:

  • -  Simplifies Element settings by reducing the number of individual settings
  • -  Improves model consistency and appearance in 3D
  • -  Includes Thermal Properties
  • -  Improves efficiency: editing the Building Material makes changes throughout the model
  • -  Includes Surfaces (previously Material) that are visible on all skins in all views
  • -  Includes Intersection Priority setting, thereby simplifying and streamlining skin connections A number of Element-level overrides are available to allow for flexibility in the display of individual Elements, including:
  • -  Element Cut Fill Pen overrides, including background, foreground or both
  • -  Surface overrides on each face (including the new extrusion override for Profiledelements) This fundamental change to Building Materials has been a much-requested feature by our users and gives us a new platform for further developments in future versions. It also complements the improved Junctions handling within ArchiCAD 17.