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ArchiCAD 17 - new features: Performance

Date: Friday, June 21, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 5.21.28 PMBackground Operations for Faster 3D

ArchiCAD uses background operations to calculate the precise geometry of construction elements which intersect or collide with each other. Background operations means that you can, for example, work on a floor plan view while the application calculates the geometry of elements not visible in the current view - without interrupting your workflow. Benefit: when you switch to another model view, the result will be displayed much faster.


  • Industry-first background processing ensures significantly faster model view Updates
  • Users will not experience any performance drawback when model-based junctions are activated on legacy projects
  • Continuously optimized technologies provide the best navigation and modeling performance among BIM applications even in case of very big and complex projects

Faster Navigation with OpenGL 

When navigating in large projects in the 3D window using Open GL, an improvement in 3D engine processes has speeded up navigation: up to ten times faster.


Improving SEO Performance 

If your project contains a large number of Solid Element Operations, your performance will improve noticeably – due to more sophisticated data management, which avoids the need to recalculate Solid Operations that are used multiple times.


Double-Quick Library Loading Times 

Library loading is now twice as fast! If you have loaded a library on this machine before, the next load will be much speedier, thanks to new caching processes. Works for any kind of library.


Better Performance with Older-Version Libraries 

If you are using library parts from older-version libraries and older-version PLA files, the 2D rebuilds and 3D display of these library parts will speed up – thanks to improved management of archival library part data.


Faster Handling of Library Parts’ 3D models 

The handling of library parts’ 3D models has been improved on a multicore processor: when you switch to a 3D view, the view can be generated up to 50 percent faster, depending on the number of library parts in the project.


  • Working with extensive and complex libraries has become significantly faster
  • Architects can focus on their core design activities and spend less time on managing libraries
  • Using older libraries in ArchiCAD 17 won’t reduce the performance of the application