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ArchiCAD 17 - new features: Open BIM

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AC17_BOX_CAM1IFC Improvements:

Support for Multiple IFC Standards

  • Coordination View 2.0

Complete the certification process of IFC 2x3 Coordination View version 2.0 (IFC2x3 CV 2.0) standard based on its export and import requirements. All other major applications, such as Revit Architecture/Structure/MEP, AutoCAD Architecture/MEP, Bentley Architecture, Tekla Structures, Vectorworks, Allplan, Scia Engineer, DDS-CAD MEP, Solibri Model Checker, are also working on this certification process. The result: improved model-based data exchange with these applications.

  • Other Model View Definitions
    • Expanded capabilities for defining new IFC data  requested by other Model View Definitions such as Concept Design BIM 2010 (required by GSA (US), Statsbygg (Norway), Senate Properties (Finland)) and FM Handover (required by COBie, for example) and others:
    • IfcSystem assignment (especially for MEP elements): group project elements in system hierarchy manually, by using MEP Modeler defined systems, or by importing systems from MEP applications
    • Define sub-system hierarchy (parent and child system):
      • Group elevators in a vertical circulation system which can be a child system of a mechanical system
      • Assign plumbing elements to cold water sub-system of a plumbing system.
    • Multilevel (“Sub”) hierarchy available for IfcZone and IfcGroup assignments.
      • Group some ArchiCAD Zones (IfcSpaces) in an IfcZone (Security Zones), which is a part of a higher level IfcZone group (Governmental Zones)
    • IfcTimeSeriesSchedule assignment: occupancy, lighting and equipment schedule assignment to project elements such as ArchiCAD Zones.
    • Calculation and export of special base-quantities of site/building/story defined in Concept Design BIM 2010 MVD (required by e.g. GSA).
    • Support for all IFC Type Products, such as IfcSlabeType, IfcCurtainWallType etc.
    • Editing of IFC data (renaming, new properties, classification etc.) on element types/styles (e.g. IfcDoorStyle)
    • Lining and panel properties (including operation type) of doors and windows will be added automatically to their IfcDoorStyle/IfcWindowStyle.
    • Assign elements directly to the IfcSite or IfcBuilding.
      • Neighboring buildings and site context elements (trees, fences, roads, etc.) can be assigned to the site instead of the project building with its story system.
    • Set and export currency and time units
    • Support for “calendar date”-type IFC properties (for example WarrantyStartDate, etc.)
    • New global and localized classification systems (e.g. Uniclass in UK)


  • IFC Publishing
    • Use the ArchiCAD Publisher interface to publish the model in IFC format with one click. You can publish the entire model or just floor plans by story, on a WYSIWYG basis. All IFC Translator options are available through the Publisher as well.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 12.13.06 PM

  • Other IFC-related Improvements
    • At IFC model import, a customizable folder-system of the library parts is generated (embedded library, linked library and .lcf)
      • Reduces project file size and allows user to control location of the newly created objects
    • The name of a custom IFC Property Set can be easily edited by just clicking on its name field and entering a new value
    • Find & Select and Interactive Element Schedule work for IFC Assignments and IFC Type Products
    • Sophisticated automated junctions in the ArchiCAD model (new in 17) are supported in the context of IFC export: construction element connections are exported to IFC in “WYSIWYG” fashion
    • 2D symbols of doors and windows can be exported within the IFC model


  • ArchiCAD IFC output complies with several local BIM data standards such as Concept Design BIM 2010 (required by GSA (US), Statsbygg (Norway), Senate Properties (Finland)) and FM Handover (required by COBie)
  • ArchiCAD users can manage the IFC model output from the familiar and easy to use Publishing interface. Multiple IFC model can be created with just one click.


Saving Elements to Common DWG Blocks

Until now, multiple instances of a single GDL Object – if they used varying parameters - were saved as separate DWG Blocks. As of ArchiCAD 17, such GDL objects will be saved as a single DWG Block. This way, you only have to edit a single block in AutoCAD, rather than multiple instances.