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ArchiCAD 17 - new feature: Management of Hotlinked Modules

Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AC17_BOX_CAM1Now you can define a custom Master ID to every Hotlinked Module instance.

  • For example, if your hotlinked module is a hotel room, then R213 would be the Master ID for the 13th room hotlink on the second floor.

Once this instance is placed in the host file, its Master ID is assigned to every element of that Hotlinked Module, as an extension of their element ID: the original element ID is kept, but is extended based on the Master ID of the hotlink.

  • For example, the element ID of the room sink (original element ID: SINK16) is now changed to R213 SINK 16.

As a result, all elements have unique IDs, yet for Hotlinked Module elements, their IDs remain protected from editing in ID Manager.

As an additional benefit, Zone handling is much easier. If you define your Zones in the source file of the hotlink, its Zone ID will be extended by the Master ID of the module instance they belong to: this way, Zones in a Hotlinked module can each have a unique ID.

Thus, you can define Zones once in your source Hotlink module, rather than afterwards in the host file.

Optionally, connect the Zone ID with its Zone Number to display this information in the Zone Stamp.

  • For example, a Zone with an ID of Bathroom in the source file is placed into the host file as part of a HLM with an ID of R213. Its Zone Number will then be R213Bathroom.


  • Users have full control over the numbering of hotlink modules even in very complex projects
  • The risk of inconsistent zone numbering is minimized