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ArchiCAD 17 - new feature: Automatic Model-Based Junctions

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

AC17_BOX_CAM1In this series, we review on a daily basis, the new features of ArchiCAD 17.


Automatic Model-Based Junctions

The ability to configure all construction elements so that when they intersect or collide, their display will accurately and automatically reflect their construction - particularly in section views, used as the basis for detail drawings. Most of the junctions of a section will look correct up to 1:50 scale.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 6.26.51 AMPriority-Based Connections Available for All Construction Elements

Extend priority-based connections (currently available only for walls on the floor plan and to a limited degree in section) to all construction elements and composites, and column/beam profiles, in all model views, via the Building Material. Separate intersection priorities can be set for column veneer and core.

A revised interface simplifies these priority settings to make their input easier and the results more predictable.

Other Improvements for Better Junctions

  • Eliminate common contour lines where construction elements meet, subject to Building Material
  • Represent the T/L/X connections between walls based on their actual skin/component based connections.
  • Symbolic representation of connections of any (normal/profiled) vertical columns and non-polygon walls on Floor Plan
  • Improved dimensioning of structural components in section view - e.g. place dimensions at contour lines or separator lines, or at boundaries of core/finish skins
  • More flexibility for displaying cut surfaces in Section views (consistent with 3D Document)Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 6.30.46 AM
  • Snap to composite separator or any visible edge in 3D as well as Floor Plan
  • View results of skin-based connections in 3D
  • Helping modeling interactions for Junctions: better manual editing options and new automated junction command from the Edit menu: Adjust Elements to Slabs
  • Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 6.33.48 AM


  • Unprecedented level of accuracy in BIM modeling
  • Real, live BIM models maintained throughout the entire project lifecycle
  • Structurally correct details at any section of the model up to 1:50 scale or more
  • Increased documentation productivity since less manual work is needed on detail drawings
  • accurate quantity take-offs at any design stage
  • Less model exchange needed with consultants since even the initial structural details are very precise