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Next Generation ArchiCAD in SADC

Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

theteamFor the past 9 months, GRAPHISOFT SA has been working hard to develop the local market offering of ArchiCAD and all the associated and required tiers of servicing and support. Although, the process can never be deemed complete, we have reached a series of milestones, which we would like to share with our users. It is further a good opportunity to outline the next series of developments, which are to follow until end 2013. Our team recently took a "training  break" in the Drakensberg, to prepare for our next phase of the SADC ArchiCAD Broad Based Development Program. It was a rewarding and very successful "outing", which we believe has fuelled our team to deliver an inspired effort in this next challenging phase. We have included some of the imagery in this post. We hope you feel some of our inspiration. saniLets briefly recap the developments of the past 9 months, before looking to the future:

  • introduction of the updated SSA (Software Service Agreement), the primary aims of the updated SSA are:
    • lower average end user cost
    • consistent end user service level offerings
    • lower cost on extended service offerings
    • faster second tier online support service
  • establishment of second tier online support centre, the primary aims of this service are:
    • to ensure a consistent second tier technical support service to ALL SSA clients
    • this service, which is primarily an online service at no cost to SSA clients, has one dedicated general support agent, online at all times during office hours on SKYPE and Email; further has one dedicated high level (teamwork, BIMserver, large project) support agent, who is available online and onsite by appointment
    • this service is intended to be second tier, ie. it should be offering support beyond that of the reseller and service provider network or in conjunction with
  • IMG_4129establishment of dedicated and articulated "channel", the primary components and aims of the channel are:
    • before listing the various channel partner types, it should be noted that the development of the channel is intended to make more services directly available to end users, including the offering of choice, it is now possible for end users to source product and services from channel partners of YOUR choice
    • resellers, already several resellers are available for SA & SADC, resellers comprise 3 categories (it is noted that RESELLERS perform SSA duties and billing, on behalf of GRAPHISOFT SA as our nominated agents, no change in contract or responsibility between you the end user and GRAPHISOFT SA is in effect, ie. GRAPHISOFT SA maintains it's contractual responsibilities directly to you as defined in the SSA, GRAPHISOFT SA will always notify you the end user of a reseller nomination per quarter):
      • sales - these resellers perform sales & SSA billing activities only
      • sales & IT - these resellers perform sales, SSA billing and ArchiCAD related IT support and installations activities
      • sales, IT & technical support - these resellers perform sales, SSA billing, ArchiCAD related IT support, installations and ArchiCAD related technical support activities
    • developer forum, these busy professionals, mostly architects and ArchiCAD users, dedicate a portion of their time, to the development and testing of ArchiCAD for SADC conditions specifically, under the following general headings, with the aim of improving ArchiCAD for use in SADC:
      • SANS compliance, this section already has 2 strong themes, being energy related compliance in respect of local product (doors and windows) and BIM based energy calculations and further in regards specifications integration with ArchiCAD from local manufacturers
      • BETA testing of new version developments, such as the annual ArchiCAD new version and currently the EcoDesignerSTAR public BETA
      • Wishlist development for future product development against SADC specific requirements
    • Image 15trainers, different to resellers, as the name states, these channel partners are focussed on training specifically, with the following aims:
      • all trainers accredited and advertised by GRAPHISOFT SA, will offer training compliant with the GRAPHISOFT international training and accreditation program as follows:
        • program effective Q3 2013
        • acceptance of ArchiCAD SADC training coupons, distributed with all ArchiCAD sales and SSA billing
        • offering internationally standardised training and certification, comprising 5 course levels plus a TOP level GRAPHISOFT REGISTERED CONSULTANT course
      • commercial training centres, offering compliance with CPD, CETA and other statutory and incentivised training stipulations in SADC, formalised training will be offered on scheduled dates within a training centre environ
      • certified instructors, offering training on an ad-hoc basis at end user premises, CI's may offer compliance with CPD, CETA and other statutory and incentivised training stipulations in SADC
    • service providers, certified and advertised by GRAPHISOFT SA, these ArchiCAD experts offer the following independent ad-hoc services:
      • training, non-certification based, but including acceptance of training coupons
      • technical support on site, including acceptance of training coupons
  • establishment of educational and key client partnerships, aimed at:
    • ArchiCAD based internship and bursary programs for graduate studies
    • development of ArchiCAD skilled work force
    • promotion of ArchiCAD data format as BIM platform of choice in the industry

Image 42As you may see from the above outline, the last 9 months have been a busy time for our team, however, the task is not complete. What can be expected in this next phase till end 2013? A summary of the most pertinent points:

  1. advertising of trainers, April 2013
  2. advertising of service providers, April 2013
  3. SA 3 cities tour, meeting key clients, developer forum members and suppliers/manufacturers, to advance local content development, April 2013
  4. Annual ArchiCAD Conference for channel partners, to prepare channel partners for the next generation of ArchiCAD software and the various SADC development components, a 3 day conference in JHB, May 2013
  5. Roll out of the SADC ArchiCAD training and certification program, July 2013
  6. Channel partners' ArchiCAD new version local/regional launch activities, July/Aug 2013
  7. ArchiCAD Educational internship/bursary program announcement, Oct 2013

We thank all our loyal ArchiCAD users for the many years of support, since we officially started distribution in 1999 and the 5 unofficial years preceding. We have thoroughly enjoyed this time and hope to see you ALL for the next 15+ years. Here are some images capturing our time with you since the early years. Please enjoy them and keep connected to the blog for the numerous exciting announcements to follow this year. Picture 008Picture 004DSC00466DSCN4334DSC00242_1DSC00010_1DSC00093DSC00016_1DSC00005DSC00009DSC00037DSC00056