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Wish upon an object

Date: Thursday, January 17, 2013

ceiling editorGRAPHISOFT have started a series called: "Wish upon an object". You may check the first results showing how powerful GDL is at these links.

... an extract from Architalk: "...Dear Archi-Talkers,

I guess I am preaching to the choir when saying that GDL is one of the core assets of ArchiCAD. To provide support for great GDL content to get created we launched with ArchiCAD 16. In order to give some boost to the interest for the topic we decided to help deliver some long wished GDL objects that no-one has created as of yet.

Here we call upon a little contest: share your wish for an object that you cannot find in the standard ArchiCAD library and we will see to it that some of them get programmed and shared with all of you through the portal..."

See the full thread on Architalk here.

The initiative is part of the portal launched with ArchiCAD 16.