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Fills: Changing the orientation of fills on floor plan

Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ArchiCAD fill orientation often needs to be adjusted at times, whether it be a cut fill of walls in floor plan or even cover fills of a slab, mesh or roof elements. Various settings allow you to manage the orientations.

  1. Cut fill orientation of wall on floor planA typical example is when you are using the default cut fill for the wall "masonry block" and have a wall drawn at 45 degrees you may need to change the angle of the cut fill which is also set to 45 degreed by default. (Refer to image below). To change the angel of the cut fill you would need to go to the fill settings and change the angle by going to: Options > Element Attributes > Fill settings Choose the fill to edit - In this case "masonry block": Change the orientation angle in the settings for selected fill type: Click OK and the fill will be updated:
  2. Cover Fill orientationThe orientation of a cover fill displayed on floor plan (usually to indicate finishes) can be set or changed by using the "cover fill orientation" settings located under the "floor plan and section settings" of the slab tool in this example:

Please watch video below more information on how to change the orientation of cover fills on floor plan.