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Pick plane or rotate grid function in 3D?

Date: Friday, November 9, 2012

Should the rotate grid function be used to ease workflow in 3D:

  1. we believe not in ArchiCAD 16 3D, the problem being that there is a constant reset of the rotated grid to the orthogonal grid during the steps of a geometry creation process, as shown in the below video, which disrupts workflow when using the rotated grid in the 3D window, this is contrary to the workflow in 2D window, where the use of the rotated grid is a very efficient aid
  2. we believe the pick plane function should be used, as there has been the introduction of the work plane system since AC15 and improved in AC16, which is included in the video below, it functions in a similar way as the rotated grid, but with more user intuitive functionality and of course, without the constant reset, note that this pick plane can be set by simply clicking on faces in 3D (including faces beyond the horizontal and vertical, which the rotated grid cannot do and can also be constructed in 3D space, between points only without the presence of actual faces, it can also be changed during the drawing process if needed)

To activate the pick plane and 3D window plane display, refer to the screenshot below and then view the video for full usage instructions: [youtube=]