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Zones: how to update for EcoDesigner use

Date: Friday, November 9, 2012

Many users frequently encounter zone update or error notices, when working with the new EcoDesigner in ArchiCAD 16. This is often due to the 3D nature of the zone tool, which has remained an unknown feature to users, although the 3D functionality of zones has been available for several versions.

  1. To start, ensure that you are displaying zones in your 3D window, by default, zones are not displayed in 3D. Follow the next 2 screenshots to activate the 3D display of zones:
  2. after activation of the 3D visibility of zones, follow the workflow in the video below, to correctly draw 2D boundaries of zones, where zones either touch each other internally, or have a structural edge element in 2D and the have a similar structural edge element definition in 3D, which may as illustrated in this video, require 3D sculpting