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ArchiCAD SA News

Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2012


  • ArchiCAD 16 has been released!

The definitive OpenBIM modeller, generation 16, the new version of ArchiCAD has been released......and it’s a “morphing BIM object” triumph...well done to the chaps from BUDAPEST!

Let me quickly cover the highlights, before starting the glowing, flowery praise, eulogy...

  • Morph Tool - not just for concept level freeform stuff, but full end to end functionality, you could morph a bubble in concept, you could morph an existing door or window during design development, you could morph some 2D lines in the 3D window, to create a detailing element for construction, the morph tool includes a revolutionary interaction with the ArchiCAD GDL functionality, which allows users to morph existing library parts at any time and return these to full fledged GDL again, and again, and again, and...
  • - it’s GDL online, one click search and upload from ArchiCAD, we are now one global ArchiCAD user family, able to share any library part we create, anytime, search functionality includes user defined keywords...don’t forget that you can use morph to further edit any library part you find online...manufacturer specific PARAMETRIC elements should be a breeze now!
  • EcoDesigner in ArchiCAD - ArchiCAD 16 now ships with EcoDesigner built-in, it’s energy analysis “OUT-THE-BOX”

A host of other functions roll-out with version 16:

  • improved 3D editing
  • expanded teamwork back-up options
  • enhanced IFC, DWG, DXF interoperability...we are OpenBIM
  • faster hotlink Updates
  • library enhancements
  • more...more...more...

Glowing, flowery praise statements by the author, look more like facts though:

  • If you do not have ArchiCAD 16, you are going to have less fun, creating fantastic architecture, than the architect who has ArchiCAD 16!
  • GRAPHISOFT have again reinforced their market leading position as architectural BIM authoring tool of choice, with the release of ArchiCAD 16!
  • The new BIM Server backup functionality enhancements in ArchiCAD 16, set the GRAPHISOFT product range as the industry leading large project, complex data model leaders!

As the new version has so much too offer in it’s long list of new features and in the extensive depth and maturity of the functionality build into these new features, the best way for users and potential users to explore these, will be by face-to-face interaction with expert instructors. Join GRAPHISOFT SA as they will be hosting a full roadshow series in SADC, from 18 June 2012 to 27 July 2012, where a 3 hour new feature demonstration and a 6 hour new version migration and feature training will be offered for each region/city on the schedule. For further details and registration, visit the event schedule page here.If you simply cannot wait, download brochures or view online videos . For further details on ArchiCAD 16, BIM Server, BIMx, EcoDesigner and, visit our product detail pages at

From Eric Bobrow:

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From African Tenders:

  • Knysna Municipality Remedial works to the sea walls in the Greater Knysna area.  This involves environmentally sensitive work in the Knysna and Swartvlei estuaries, Action Deadline: 2012-05-04, Country: south africa
  • Department of Transport KZN, Construction of the White Umfolozi (Ntinini) River Vehicle Bridge, Action Deadline: 2012-10-31, Country: south africa