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Using ArchiCAD for years - just found a cool landscaping tool set

Date: Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am sure most ArchiCAD users have from time to time, if not always, needed to create extensive landscaping to compliment visualisation models, or for detailed documentation drawings. Most I am sure, have resorted to slabs and meshes, complex profiles and more recently shells in ArchiCAD 15. All these do of course work, but become a task to manage as the model develops and changes are needed. Here is a tool set that offers significant productivity combined with realism and manageability: RIK Landscape pack for ArchiCAD I would encourage all users with similar interests or problems to post a comment or two, with your opinions or requirements, as we are investigating the availability and pricing of this add-on in SADC. The BAD News for the MAC fraternity (that includes ME), WIN 32/64 only!

Functions for landscape:

  • Improved road creation
  • Floor slope definition
  • Fence placement
  • Hedges creation
  • Random bedding plant creation Stone masonry creation
  • The 3D dimension and witness line
  • Measuring
  • Plants control (billboard switching)
  • Planting effect evaluation
  • Express tool
  • Crest table creation
  • Curbstones creation
  • Hills and terrain creation
  • slope adjustment

The objects in the Library (4000 landscaping items)

  • fence 570
  • environment/green 22
  • architecture accessory 53
  • public facility 406
  • garage 353
  • lighting 496
  • gardening 956
  • gate 831
  • arrangement parts 114
  • plant 2D 674
  • plant 3D 60 (tree20/flower40)
  • Texture

Looking a little closer at the features presented by the suppliers:

Hedges creation The hedge tool contains a wide range of hedge and shrub items. Allowing quick and easy creation, and onward editing and manipulation.

Random bedding plant creation With the automatic random function, a large quantity of bedding plants can be arranged randomly and naturally, which simplifies work dramatically. 

Curbstone creation You can easily draw curbstone that decorate a driveway, road or pathway, by simply defining a line. Straight lines, polygonal lines, R and circles are also available. Slope adjustment

Simply select the items to adjust on the slope. Place a car on the garage, and it will be automatically adjusted to the slope easily. Handrails are automatically tilted to the slope. Hills and terrain creation

A terrain can be created with contour lines. Even a complex terrain can be creating realistically, by simply assigning elevation levels to the contour lines.

Stone masonry creation

3D stone masonry is automatically created. Arrangement can be edited by moving and deleting and individual stone.

Improved road creation

In addition to the existing automatic input for grating, road slope can be created with a single entry.

Express Tool 

Frequently used textures and objects can be registered to a pallet. They can then be dragged and dropped to position and set them. Registered materials can of course be added and removed as needed.

Growing trees 

Also some 3D trees changed to ‘growing tree’ and it is more realistic to change the shape of the Tree as a growing tree.