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1:10 details with the fill tool in ArchiCAD

Date: Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here is a suggestion on doing details using fills, by Eerhard Huizinga. (note that the example image left is a direct link to 4 high res sample sheets of these detail types) Basics - Create a detail with the detail tool - Select and delete all lines. - Select all fills and give them temp "outlines". - Adjust, manipulate and add fills to the level of detail required. Favorites - Set up sectional cut fill favorites.[ include the pen, layer settings as well as out lines and fills] For this project I had the following: Masonry, concrete screed, plaster, wood in 2 details, plywood & steel. I also set up standard foreground and background fill - Thereafter adjust the temporary fills as per your favorites. - Use the layering system to bring the primary section fills forward. - My drawing details only have 1-4 lines max. [ grid, ground level and some glass in section] Consistency - The advantage of this system is that you can easily cut and paste "fill" details from other projects like alum. window sections etc. without worrying about what condition they are in. This also helps when there are a couple of people working on the same project as the "administrator" does not have to police their line weights, pen setting, ect. You only need to go over the drawings and change the fill properties using your own favorites. - This system is not without problems. When dealing with round objects the fills are multi-faceted and you need to delete them. [ They normally come into the drawings as a group, so delete them with this switched on] [ suggestions or improvements welcome] Eerhard