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BIMx, exploring the virtual phenomena!

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"...Of all the model-viewings apps that I tested, I was most impressed with the BIMx app..." : these words from AECbytes article: iPad Apps for AEC: Design and Vizualization.

This post from 27 September 2011 and earlier:
20110927-190721.jpgBIMx has only been with us for 7 days and already it seems to be a virtual phenomena!

Thousands of downloads of the software have been logged from the AppStore, both iPad/iPhone and desktop versions. Most interesting, is the high volume of BIMx model downloads, seems that people just love to explore virtual spaces. The BIMx Maze, in these 7 days has seen 10 correct entries submitted already, so a large volume of activity and interest on this virtual exploration phenomena, time to take a deep breathe and reflect a little...

What is BIMx?
GRAPHISOFT's new virtual exploration tool, that allows anyone to explore a virtual model created by an ArchiCAD user. Learn more about it at these two full description pages: BIMx on iPhone/iPad and New in ArchiCAD 15 - BIMx

Who can use BIMx?
Anyone with an iPad/iPhone or desktop computer, just download the application.

Why is it such a great tool?
1. allows virtual model exploration, with no limits to accessibility
2. Contains extended information, such as material definitions, layers and a measuring capability
3. Can contain predefined views in addition to full model exploration
4. Using industry standard gaming technology, ie. It runs on virtually any platform, is extremely easy to use and requires very little hardware resources

Where is it?
1. Facebook competition for Maze
2. ArchiCADwiki BIMx knowledge base
3. ArchiCAD 15 users, create BIMx models free until 30 October 2011, download Hotfix 3267 (read release notes on link page for full details)