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Migrate from AC7 to AC14

Date: Friday, September 23, 2011

By Francois Swanepoel of MultiCad

This is to help you Migrate your ArchiCad 7 project to ArchiCad 14.
In a case like this the handling of a) Libraries, b) Modules, c) Linked External files & d) Attrributes is crutial to the successful migration.

With the instructions below you will open and save the project with the ArchiCAD 10 Package and then open it in ArchiCAD 14

These steps will apply as example for a solo project with no linked modules or linked DWG / PDF / image files:
1. Download & install “ArchiCAD 10 Package - open files from version 6.5 and ArchiCAD 7.0 Packages “
2. Open the installed “ArchiCAD 10 “ and on the menu go to File/Open then Browse & select your ArchiCad 7 project Click OPEN
3. The Library Manager will open. Browse to the ArchiCad 7 Library on your computer / server and Add it to the library list 20110923-124004.jpg4. Make sure the ArchiCad 10 Libraries are loaded as well and click DONE
5. Please read the following instructions from the F1 key / Help menu “Migrating Libraries and Objects to ArchiCAD 14” in your ArchiCad 14 (Migration Guide for ArchiCAD 14 > Migrating from ArchiCAD 8.1 or 9 > Migrating Libraries and Objects to ArchiCAD 14
6. Also see the section on “Consolidate ArchiCAD Libraries” from the F1 key / Help menu in ArchiCad 14 (Configuration > Libraries > Troubleshooting Library Issues)

The four main things to look at are:

Libraries: making sure they all migrate.

Teamwork: you need to save a teamwork project as a solo project, migrate, then re-share as teamwork. There are other ways, but that's the simplest and definitely the most reliable. You also need to make sure everyone leaves the project first, which is disruptive.

Hotlinked Modules: if you hotlink directly between projects you need to migrate them all before any updating can be done.

New Features: you need to make sure that all the existing elements take on the required new features as you desire. eg. your views have the correct renovation filters applied to each one.

It's pretty easy to save out a copy of the project and test the migration.