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Joinery schedules in ArchiCAD

Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We recently posted an article on Eerhard Huizinga, describing a project he designed and built without any design related variation orders required. Eerhard's article had sparked so much interest from local users, specifically on how he manages and sets up his drawings, that Eerhard has decided to offer a series of discussion based articles with drawings on how he does things. Thank you very much to Eerhard on behalf of everyone! Here is the first of these articles: Joinery details in a schedule format. I have tried out a new system of detailing with Joinery details that might be of interest. The links to the public drop box folder are attached to the drawing previews in the article.

  • It helps to have your layout plans in 1:50 scale.
  • Use interior elevation tool to set up elevations of each of the joinery items.
  • Open the interior view and then draft over the various joinery cupboards, if the models aren't detailed enough.[I work with fills/ favorites for all detail 2d drawings.] One trick if your cupboard model is detailed, is to generate the cupboard with the doors open, trace the shelves and then close them afterwards.
  • Thereafter set up a schedule layout in the same way as you would for doors and windows and paste the elevation view there in.
  • The cross referencing feature of the interior elevations allows you to reference the unit easily on plan and in your schedule. This allows you to cut out the need to provide a detailed plan.
  • One of the advantages of this approach is that, if changes are made to the wall or plan layout it is easy to adjust joinery detail accordingly.
  • You can also place your electrical and sanitary fittings accurately on plan, by looking at the elevations in question.
  • In most cases joinery items are made by shop fitters that prepare their own detailed shop drawings. So the drawings I produce are more a detailed description of the item, so the schedule nature of the drawings seems to work.
  • This format also allows you to make changes to finishes etc without picking through your detail sections.

I hope that this is of some use and if you have suggestions please post them.

regards Eerhard