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ArchiCAD versus Revit 2

Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a terrific debate part 2!  In recent times, we have seen the development of what could be said to be: “the great modern day BIM rivalry” This article, I state categorically is an OPINION based piece, much like Ferrari versus Porsche I suppose. Today I point readers to the recent reviews posted by AEC Bytes online magazine, one on Revit, the other on ArchiCAD, both on latest releases. In these reviews there are a few interesting points to focus on: 1. Note which vendor is improving architectural tools and features 2. Note which vendor is strategizing their product range for future new product packaging and definition, rather than focussing on user needs 3. Cost per license cannot be ignored 4. Single product solution cannot be ignored In today's bulletin, we ad the second page of 5 on the comparative document I have stumbled upon (by Ransom Ratcliff, 2011-08-08) during my recent investigations into this topic: