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ArchiCAD versus Revit 1

Date: Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a terrific debate!  In recent times, we have seen the development of what could be said to be: "the great modern day BIM rivalry" This article, I state categorically is an OPINION based piece, much like Ferrari versus Porsche I suppose. I have recently posted this comment:  André Strauss • In the mid 90's, I was the technical advisor on ArchiCAD use to Johnson Murray Architects, who were the project architects for The Gateway Shoppertainment World project. Essentially a 300,000 sq/m shopping mall project. They had 14 ArchiCAD licenses, they were new to ArchiCAD, they used Windows based pc's. They completed the project with the above spec, ahead of schedule, they were highly commended! A few points to note in reference to this rolling discussion: 1. This was a large project 2. Done on Windows 3. It was an office new to ArchiCAD, which until today uses ArchiCAD 4. It was done on Teamwork 1 technology, has been superseded by vastly superior version 2 technology Project reference page here: I posted this comment in a LinkedIn group discussion, titled ArchiCAD versus Revit, the full thread to this discussion here As this discussion has so much personal opinion, I have searched to find commentary which is based more on actual specifics, such as my comment about real projects being done entirely with a product, or a real features based comparison in the context of real world usable features. I have stumble upon the following comparison, which makes for very interesting reading, here is page 1 of 5, keep posted for page 2 on daily release: Interesting indeed! 'Till tomorrow then...