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New ArchiMAG is out - focus on ArchiCAD 15

Date: Thursday, August 18, 2011

ArchiMAG is always a good read, well worth looking at. Numerous reviews, opinions, articles and great tips and tutorials from users worldwide, join the community here

Here is the contents outline of this latest ArchiMAG:

To celebrate the ArchiCAD 15′s recent release, the new ArchiCAD is one of the main themes in ArchiMAG 2/2011. A long-term ArchiCAD user Severi Virolainen has wrote a review of new ArchiCAD and to honour one of the ArchiCAD 15′s main themes “renovation”, the new issue also features an article about Lapinlahti Hospital restoration project in Helsinki, Finland.

The magazine has other interesting articles too: a GDL tutorial by Jeroen de Bruin and interview of Onur Senturk, just to name a few.

ArchiMAG 2/2011 table of contents
2 Design Freedom
4 ArchiCAD 15
8 Modelling the Lapinlahti Hospital Restoration
12 An Interview with Cinema 4D Wizard Onur Senturk
15 Zuez architects – Getting Directly to the Point
18 In Spotlight
20 Tekla BIMsight
23 FEC – Floating Ecocity
26 Getting More Out of ArchiCAD & SketchUp
28 ACUA Winterschool
30 Customizing Your Own Objects
33 News
34 Tips & Tricks
35 Events